Molodanof Government Relations

Credibility, access and knowledge of the political and government processes characterize Molodanof Government Relations (MGR). MGR is a full service lobbying and government relations firm that is uniquely positioned to help you develop legislative/regulatory solutions to the issues facing your business or organization. 

The firm was formed to meet the need for government affairs advocacy and counsel before state, regulatory agencies and local governments. Through the years, the members of the firm have earned a reputation for successful representation in government relations, political and public affairs. The members have extensive experience and are familiar with the policies, procedures and personnel of state and local government. 

The firm offers clients more than 25 years of experience with state and local public agencies. MGR has developed the expertise, knowledge and skills to represent its clientele effectively before state and local government. Using a range of strategies, from educating decision-makers to advocating changes in the law, the firm focuses on the most effective stratagem to resolve any problem and accomplish the client’s goal. 

MGR offers the following services and welcomes the opportunity to develop a proposal to address your specific needs.


  • Provide political strategy and analysis
  • Assess political climate
  • Establish Legislative and Administrative Priorities
  • Develop positions, policy solutions and a specific plan
  • Properly frame message in order to achieve its objectives
  • Execute and implement the plan to achieve results and deliverables

Monitor and Evaluate

  • Assist in developing legislative positions
  • Identify, monitor legislative bills, administrative actions and regulations
  • Draft amendments to bills and regulations
  • Conduct legislative research
  • Monitor committee hearing and floor debates
  • Testify in legislative hearings

Facilitate Communication and Access

  • Arrange meetings and facilitate access with decision makers
  • Act as liaison with legislature, department and agency officials 
  • Assist in grassroots mobilization 
  • Work with current coalitions and assist in developing new alliances 

Sponsor Legislation-Initiate and Advocate 

  • Provide political strategies and analysis 
  • Develop and implement comprehensive issue specific lobbying plan.
  • Secure legislative authors and co-sponsors who will introduce legislation 
  • Draft bill language and amendments and shepherd legislation through the legislative process
  • Draft letters of support 
  • Create coalitions to jointly support legislation
  • Assist in media campaigns to promote public support 
  • Provide speaking points for floor debates and support legislators attempting to pass legislation
  • Testify at legislative committee hearings
  • Lobby offices of key Legislators and Governor

Defeat Legislation 

  • Seek amendments to legislation 
  • Draft amendments to bills
  • Draft letters of opposition
  • Draft talking points and information
  • Lobby Legislature and Governor
  • Testify in committee hearings 
  • Assist in media campaign 

State Budget

  • Monitor and evaluate state budget  
  • Identify any potential impacts to clients
  • Develop strategy and implement action
  • Seek Opportunities to maximize State and Federal funding 
  • Draft position letters 
  • Lobby the Legislature and Governor
  • Monitor and testify in Budget Committee hearing

Regulatory Departments, Agencies Boards and Commissions

  • Monitor and evaluate State agencies and departments for possible administrative changes
  • Attend meetings and stay aware of administrative actions being contemplated
  • Advocate position to appropriate state legislative, executive and administrative committees boards and commissions
  • Arrange meetings and facilitate access to key state regulators and departments 
  • Report possible consequences of pending administrative actions and make strategy recommendation
  • Lobby Departments, Agencies Boards and Commissions

Legislative Training

  • Coordinate and provide legislative training, “Lobbying Do’s & Don’ts”
  • Speak at legislative educational forums and client Legislative Day